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The Original PortaKeeper TM (Portafilter wall rack)

The Original PortaKeeper TM (Portafilter wall rack)

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Keep your portafilter, or spare portafilters out of the way, clean, and accessible using the PortaKeeper.

The Portakeeper is a must-have accessory for any espresso machine owner. Designed to hold and organize your portafilters when they aren't in use, this innovative wall rack keeps your portafilters safe and within easy reach. Made from high-quality, durable materials, the Portakeeper is built to last. Its sturdy construction ensures that your portafilters stay securely in place. Plus, its sleek and compact design fits in it at home or in a commercial setting. In addition to organizing your portafilters, the Portakeeper also helps to keep your workstation clean and clutter-free. Its stylish design fits seamlessly into any espresso machine setup, making it a practical and attractive addition to your coffee gear. So if you're tired of misplacing your portafilters or having them take up valuable counter space, the Portakeeper is the perfect solution. Order yours today and start enjoying a more efficient and organized espresso-making experience.

PortaKeeper is proud to announce that we have begun injection molding the new and improved PortaKeeper.  If you purchase the Type 1 PortaKeeper in black, it will be the new high quality PortaKeeper.  All other sizes and colors will remain the traditional manufacturing method for the time being.

The PortaKeeper attaches to a wall using 3M Command Strips (included). These strips will allow clean removal in the future.

See sizing photo and the list below to select the appropriate PortaKeeper Type.

Orders over $20 qualify for free shipping in the USA!

Disclaimer, white or silver PortaKeeper may stain due to the product being used with coffee.

Note: Portafilter not included, listing includes an ABS portafilter wall rack. Follow all recommended instructions from the Command Strip adhesive manufacturer or watch our installation video.

ATTENTION: A note for international orders. Customs can be very very very slow in most countries. Anticipate 4 weeks for most deliveries.

Type 1: NOTE Black Type 1 will be injection molded plastic! 
Rocket 58mm straight tab
ECM 58mm straight tab
Quickmill 58mm straight tab
Decent 58mm straight tab
Virtuoso 58mm straight tab
Wega 58mm straight tab
Rancilio 58mm straight tab
La Marzocco 58mm straight tab
Giotto 58mm straight tab
Expobar (not all styles confirmed fit) 58mm straight tab
Ascaso 58mm straight tab
Bezzera 58mm straight tab (some models come with diagonal tabs and require style 2)
Lelit 58mm straight tab
Breville Dual Boiler 58mm straight 2 tab (note the majority of Breville machines are 54mm 3 tab, see Style 4)
Faema 58mm
Vibiemme 58mm
Slayer 58mm

Type 2:
Gaggia 58mm diagonal tab
Londinium 58mm diagonal tab
Bezzera 58mm diagonal tab (some models come with straight tabs and require style 1)
Pasquini 58mm (unconfirmed fit)
Profitec Pro 800 Lever with Diagonal tabs (newer machines are straight)

Type 3:
Izzo 53mm 3-tab

Type 4:
Breville 54mm
Wega 54mm

Olympia Maximatic 54mm

Type 5:
La Spaziale 53mm
Lucca A53 by La Spaziale 53mm
Dalla Corte Mina 53mm
Shaerer Barista espresso machine 53mm

Type 6:
Nuova Simonelli

Type 7:
La Pavoni Pre and Post Millennium 51mm basket

A note for international customers.  Certain countries are also restricting new shipments. Please inquire if you have questions. Very rarely a product does not make it to the desired location. We will refund you for the product only if it is returned to us, we will not refund shipping costs. We will no longer ship to Saudi Arabia or Ukraine due to customs rejecting our packages. Shipping should not require any additional payment on your end for customs, but if your country does request a payment for Customs, PortaKeeper will not pay the customs nor will we accept a returned package for refund. Sorry for the inconvenience as this is out of our control.
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