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PortaKeeper LLC

FilterKeeper V60/#2/#4 - Paper Coffee Filter Wall Rack

FilterKeeper V60/#2/#4 - Paper Coffee Filter Wall Rack

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Store V60, #2 or #4 paper filters with the FilterKeeper

I made a different version years ago, and through the years kept getting questions about where I bought it.  I decided now is the time to develop one that is a bit more streamlined.  Behold the V60 FilterKeeper.  It is designed to mount on the wall via 3M command strips and holds approximately 40-45 filters depending upon the brand and style.  Now we have expanded to include the very popular #2 and #4 standard coffee filters upon request.

You are able to proudly display the PortaKeeper logo, or flip it around agains the wall for a more simplistic non branded look.  

The V60 FilterKeeper is designed for the 02 V60 filters, but Chemex and other sizes also fit, although the Chemex are a tad large.   The 02 size is shown in the photos. 

The #2 and #4 fit into the according filter sizes.  These filters have a different angle than the Chemex, so additional sizes are provided.

Available in Black and White, made of plastic.

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