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DisToolKeeper - Oversized TamperKeeper for Distribution Tools

DisToolKeeper - Oversized TamperKeeper for Distribution Tools

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The DisToolKeeper is an oversized TamperKeeper

The DisToolKeeper can accommodate many distribution tools and 58mm self leveling tampers.  

PortaKeeper is proud to announce that we have begun injection molding the new and improved TamperKeeper and DisToolKeeper.  If you purchase the DisToolKeeper in black, it will be the new high quality DisToolKeeper.  All other colors will remain the traditional manufacturing method for the time being.

The maximum diameter of the tool (not just the base) is approximately 2.6 inches.  Make sure to verify the size of your distribution tool.  Please verify with a ruler or email before purchase!

Included with purchase is the distribution tool wall rack with (2) 3M command strips capable of holding up to 16 pounds.  Please verify command strip compatibility with the surface you will be sticking to.  For installation and removal videos visit

Available in 4 colors, classic Black, White, Silver, and Brown.  Make sure to pair with a TamperKeeper, WDT tool, FilterKeeper.

Confirmed fit:

  • Push Tamper
  • Amazon Distribution tool (shown in photos)
  • Normcore Self Leveling 58mm

Many people have found clever additional uses such as storing dosing cups, bellows, and WDT Tools. As always, distribution tool not included, tampers not included, portafilters not included.  Free shipping for this product in the USA (all of our products qualify for free shipping in the USA if over $20)  Make sure to check out our selection of tampers under out Tampers and WDT Tools section.

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