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DF64 & (E)(P) & DF83 Anti Popcorn Disc

DF64 & (E)(P) & DF83 Anti Popcorn Disc

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Introducing the Turin Anti Popcorn Disk - a solution for preventing coffee beans from popcorning in your Turin grinder. This innovative device is easy to install and fits seamlessly into your grinder, providing an extra layer of protection against unwanted popcorn beans.

With its reliable performance, the Anti Popcorn Disk is an essential tool for any Turin/DF grinder owner.

Fits DF64, DF64E, and DF64P. Some older bellow styles do not allow the bellow to fit all the way into the grinder. It is minimal and does not affect performance.

So why wait? Upgrade your Turin grinder today with the Turin Anti Popcorn Disk and say goodbye to frustrating popcorning coffee beans once and for all!

NOTE: Some grinders from other manufacturers come with a cone shaped bellows.  These will not work with the cone shaped bellows.  It is advised to cut the cone off the bottom to install the anti popcorn device.

NOTE: for DF64, typically the short bellow comes on the V5.  Order the V5 variant.  On the V4, some come with the taller bellow, and some come with the shorter bellow.  Email with photos if you have questions.

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